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January 22, 2018

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Neighborhood Revitalization: Grocery Marts in Kansas City MO

This page provides a Grocery Store locations for Kansas City MO as of July 2015. The data are updated annualy based on KCMO Food Permits. The interactive map and filters are presented as a public service and intended to help users determine the food accessibility of various neighborhoods and regions. This page draws on public data available through the Open Data KC Portal (see: OpenData KC for more data and visualizations). This page is processed using Tableau, a data visualization and analysis tool. Interested parties are encouraged to explore Tableau Public for additional applications and free resources. Please Contact Me if you have any suggestions or questions. I will be developing additional pages related to neighborhood revitalization and other outreach activities.

Organization and Usage Guide

This page consists of a dashboard that has been created from a number of separate Tabs including: Grocer Store Map, Grocer by Type (i.e., size), Grocer by Address, and Grocery Dashboard which combines the 3 separate tabs. You will have to scroll down the tables on the dashboard so you might want to look at the individual Tabs for summary statistics. Note that I linked the filters for each page to the dashboard. There are twp filters: Grocery by Type (i.e., size), and Zip Code. When you deselect the default "All" you will see the tables contract to display stats only for the resultant properties. Also, the filters are simultaneous so you may wind up with combinations that have no entries; if the screen blanks, just add more options or change filters.

As of Jul 2015, there were were 437 food establishments that were licensed by KCMO and inspected regularly by the Food Protection Program. The data include businesses for which food service is relative small and ancillary (e.g., gas stations, hotels) to larger, dedicated grocery stores. The data will be periodically updated as new information comes available through the OData connection provided by Open Data KC. Note you can zoom in or out or pan across the map. When you are in the active map pane you will see underlying data when you mouse over a point of interest. When you are in the map pane (click to activate) and mouse over a property, you will see a list of key data items.

Additional Resources

At the current time, this page is connected to the official Kansas City OpenData Portal which is periodically updated. Other pages of interest to those involved in neighborhood revitalization in Kansas City MO include:

Please note a number of organizations are collaborating on efforts to help revitalize Kansas City Neighborhoods including the UMKC Law School, UMKC Lewis White Real Estate Center, Code for America KC Brigade, OpenData KC, and the Urban Neighborhood Coalition. This is an effort to complement those outreach initiatives.