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January 22, 2018

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Neighborhood Revitalization: Land Bank Properties

Welcome my exploratory visualization of the Kansas City Landbank property holdings as of June 2016. The material is presented as a public service and is not affiliated with the Kansas City Land Bank. The objective is to complement the Land Bank's initiatives and help increase awareness of vacant and abandoned properties that are available for purchase. Going forward, we will be adding other data and information that may help potential purchasers select properties. It is also designed to help other stakeholders monitor Land Bank activity and identify other opportunities to support neighborhood revitalization. Please note official data are available through the Land Bank's Property Research portal. This page draws on public data available through the OpenData KC portal. Parties interested in acquiring properties or finding out more are referred to the official Land Bank website.

Organization and Usage Guide

This page consists of interactive maps and filtered data as noted in the drop-down buttons to the right of the map. These filters include: Neighborhood, Property Status, Structure Type, and Property Class. The map is dynamic; when you are in the map section and hover over a property additional information will appear. You can also use the navigation buttons to the upper left of the map to pan, zoom, etc.

Note that the filters are simultaneous so you should be careful that you don't elminate all data which will result in a blank screen; when you expand your choice, the tables will tell you how many fall into that category so you can see changes over time, by neighborhood, etc. By default, the "All" option is selected for each variable.

You can pan around the map and zoom in or out to see other areas of interest. When your cursor is in the active map pane, you can see underlying data by mousing over points of interest.In addition to the links to the right, I will be developing additional pages related to neighborhood revitalization. I am also working on a guide to property research that can help you navigate through other data sources as you explore individual properties, areas, or neighborhoods.

In addition to this interactive map, if you are interested in Land Bank properties or additional information on how to acquire a property, go to the official the Land Bank's Property Research portal. Please Contact Me if you have any suggestions or questions related to this material.

Additional Resources for KC Revitalizers

At the current time, this page is connected to the official Kansas City OpenData Portal which is periodically updated. Other pages of interest to those involved in neighborhood revitalization in Kansas City MO include:

Please note a number of organizations are collaborating on efforts to help revitalize Kansas City Neighborhoods including the UMKC Law School, UMKC Lewis White Real Estate Center, Code for America KC Brigade, OpenData KC, and the Urban Neighborhood Coalition. This is an effort to complement those outreach initiatives.